In Digimon: Revelations there are three groups of Digidestined. The 11 that command the Royal Knights, 3 that control the Celestial Digimon and 7 Dark-Destined. There is also a lone man who became trapped in the digital world and learned how to brainwash a large number of digimon to serve him. Each group has different command over their digimon partner.

Digidestined on the side of lightEdit

Royal Knights

The Royal Knights and their human partners are the main characters of the series. The Royal Knights do not have to obey their tamer but mostly do. The Knights are split into two factions, those lead by Amy and Alphamon. The other group are led by Daniel and Omnimon. Dan thinks they should work together however Amy is convinced that Dan is attempting to steal leadership from her.

Digidestined on the side of darknessEdit

Demon Lords and the Dark-Destined

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