Seraphimon is the partner of the Digidestined, Peter.

History and role in the seriesEdit

Digivolution PathEdit

Seraphimon is actually just the form he appears in for most of the series however he does have a whole digivolution path, as shown below.


Poyomon is Seraphimon's Baby stage. It is a white slime digimon that is known to digivolve into many holy/ virus-buster type digimon.
Poyomon 2

Baby: Poyomon


Bubble Blow - Releases harmless bubbles.


Tokomon is Seraphimon's In-Training stage. It is actually quite weak, however its strength is boosted as it is one of the celestial digimon.
Tokomon 2

In-Training: Tokomon


Bubble Blow - Releases harmless bubbles.

Bite - Tokomon leaps and latches onto the enemy with his fangs.


Patamon is the Rookie form of Seraphimon and the Celestial data running through it makes this Patamon exceptionally stronger than the rest of it's species.
Patamon 2

Rookie: Patamon


Boom Bubble - Compacts air into a sphere and spits it at the opponent to do damage.

Aerial Assault - Tackles the foe whilst airborne.

Holy Bolt - Looses a burst infused with holy energy.


Angemon is the Champion level digivolution of Seraphimon and the first angelic digimon in it's family.
Angemon 2

Champion: Angemon


Hand Of Destiny - A blast of holy energy is expelled from the fist.

Angel Rod - Angemon strikes the opponent with with his staff.

Heaven's Defence - Angemon's wings wrap around him, protecting him from attacks.

Holy Burst - Angemon de-digivolves to Poyomon, and releases all his power in a single blast.


MagnaAngemon is one of the strongest angelic digimon in the digiworld. This form is his warrior mode. He can open a gate into eternity with his sword 'Excalibur'.
MagnaAngemon (Warrior) 2

Ultimate: MagnaAngemon


Gate Of Eternity - Opens a vortex that sucks the enemy into oblivion.

Heavens Defence - MagnaAngemon's wings wrap around him, protecting him from attacks.

Holy Blast - Fires a blast of holy energy from his hand(s).

Wrath Of Heaven - Repeatedly attacks the foe with Excalibur.

Riteous Revival - Heals allies.


Seraphimon's preferred form. He is the most powerful Seraphimon in the digiworld as he is one of the Celstial digimon.
Seraphimon 2

Mega: Seraphimon


Strike Of The Seven Heavens - Seven spheres of holy energy are fired at the enemy.

Heaven's Defence - Seraphimon's wings wrap around him shielding him from attacks.

Hand Of Heaven - Grants more power to another digimon, allowing them to digivolve further.

Radience - De-digivolves to Poyomon and releases all his energy in one blast.

Angelic Attack - Holy energy is fired at the enemy.

Holy Harrowing - Physically attacks the foe.

Combination Attack(s)

Celestial Banishment - When teamed up with Ophanimon and Cherubimon the trio can warp enemies far away, however if the enemy is strong enough they can move to their own destination. Also if the opponent is too strong the attack will fail.

Celestial Purge - When teamed up with Ophanimon and Cherubimon the trio can unleash unparalleled holy might.

Special Forms


This form is a variation of MagnaAngemon, but whereas MagnaAngemon is a warrior this form is an official of the Digiworld. Like MagnaAngemon he is an Ultimate Level Digimon.
MagnaAngemon (Holy Lord)

Special Ultimate: LordAngemon


Heaven's Protection - A large protective barrier spreads around a number of people.


This Mega Level digimon is the form Witchelny forces Seraphimon to take.

Special Mega: SlashAngemon


Seraphic Slice - A flurry of slashes from SlashAngemons sword gauntlets hits the enemy and releases holy energy.

Guardian - The metal wings of SlashAngemon wrap around him, protecting him from attacks.


Seraphimons other draconic Mega form, used in an attempt to calm Megidramon down. Has Umon of Creation sealed in his right hand and Amon of Destruction sealed in his left.

Special Mega: Goldramon


Gold Fire - Breathes golden flames at the foe.

Dragon Fists - Punches/slashes the enemy with Amon and Umon in his fist or summons Amon and Umon to attack the opponent.

Yin & Yang - Unlocks Amon to raze the surrounding area including inhabitants then uses Umon to produce a peaceful alternative. Takes time to charge.

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