Witchelny is a separate part of the digiworld where many 'magical' digimon come from. It appears medieval but is actually magical. The characters from Digimon: Revelations travel there on their journey to the Dark Area. Due to the medieval theme of the place the Royal Knights and their partners believe they are in power here, where knights should be. Later the most powerful being from Witchelny is reveiled to be Barbamon, who shows up and swiftly decimates the Royal Knights, until Tokomon digivolves to SlashAngemon and hold him off.

Witchelny inhibits digivolution, rendering the Royal Knights powerless when they think they are invincible. Certain digimon can digivolve in Witchelny, mostly those native to the location, but some digimon can transform into Witchelny-exclusive forms.

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